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Are Electric Cigar Humidors Worth the Price?

Traditional Humidor v.s. Electric Humidor - A Review of the Newair 840 Count Electric Cigar Humidor (model NCH840BK00)

Most cigar enthusiasts understand how important maintaining optimal conditions is for preserving the flavor and aromas of premium cigars. A traditional humidor, lined with Spanish cedar, is the most common way, but is it the only way?

Newair sent us their 840 Count Electric Cigar Humidor to review. In this article, we will share our experience with it and compare it to traditional humidors. We’ve had the unit for over a week.

The unit is heavy (82 lbs), and difficult to get out of the box it shipped in. You will need a friend, hand truck, or moving dolly to help. Keep in mind, this electric humidor can hold 840 cigars. We were pleased to receive the unit with no visible damage.

The only installation required involves the door handle. It was simple, and the only tool required was a Phillips head screwdriver. A rubber gasket maintains the seal on the door and is highly effective at containing temperature and humidity, which is one of the most important functions your humidor must perform. A traditional humidor is made of wood. The quality of a traditional humidor’s ability to maintain a tight seal varies depending on the quality of the construction.

The Newair 840 Count Electric Humidor comes with a built-in ultrasonic humidification system, a fan to circulate the moisture, and generous space for up to 840 cigars. With traditional wood humidors, you typically sacrifice space with whatever you use to maintain optimal humidity levels (gel beads, Boveda packs, water tubs, or active humidification systems like CigarOasis).

Filling and refilling the water reservoir is simple and easy, and the water will last for approximately a week. Once filled, you set the temperature and humidity settings to your liking, and voila! No more fidgeting with your humidor. Just plug in and enjoy. This unit can be placed anywhere in your home.

Inside the Newair 840 are well-built Spanish cedar shelves that can slide out toward you. It’s smooth, and it’s slick. The aroma of Spanish cedar is pleasantly strong, and there are no other plastic or chemical smells often present with newly purchased items. Each shelf is elegantly lit through a column of lights on both sides of the interior and one large light on top. You can set the light to always “ON” or only “ON” when the door is opened.

Most cigar enthusiasts take pride in their cigar collections. They would jump at the chance to showcase their sticks without compromising the temperature and humidity control that is often present with traditional glass-top humidors. We have yet to come across a traditional wood humidor with built-in lights.

After closely monitoring the temperature and humidity readings for more than a week, we discovered minor fluctuations. This may be due to the larger space within. Our thought is that traditional wood humidors hold more consistent readings because of the smaller space and also because they are entirely made of wood. Electric humidors typically only have wood shelves made of Spanish cedar, while the interior is mainly plastic.

Our take on the Newair 840 Count Electric Cigar Humidor is that it best suits the true cigar aficionado most concerned with maintaining optimal temperature and humidity control with little effort and casual cigar smokers that will spare no expense for an elegant display of their cigars.

While there are pros and cons with either traditional or electric humidors, it’s up to you to decide what’s most important to you. Check out the link below if you’d like to learn more about the Newair 840 Count Electric Cigar Humidor and save 10%, or visit us at The Cigar Box for our traditional wood humidors. Either way, stop in for all the cigars you need to fill up your favorite humidor.

Code for 10% off: CIGARBOX

Product reviewed: Newair 840 NCH840BK00

Manufacturer: NewAir


Written by Cesar Escamilla Turicos. Cesar is a Certified Tobacconist and full-time staff associate at The Cigar Box in Indianapolis.

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