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Camacho Coyolar

Corojo seed made Cuban cigars famous in Havana. Originating from Mesoamerica and crossing it with Indonesian Sumatra, this Croiollo strain creates a bold, yet smooth flavor.

The jungles bordering the Jamastran Valley in Honduras had a unique microclimate that was nearly identical to that of the Vuelta Abajo region, Corojo’s native home. The soil conditions, the humidity and the abundant water supply allowed the expatriated Corojo seeds to adapt fairly quickly.

Recreating the legend was no easy task. Curing tobacco proved a more demanding process than in Cuba, as did fermentation. In fact, it would take over four decades of trial and error, and much dedication to bring the original Corojo back to life.

Coyolar is blended solely from tobaccos grown from a single 15 acre farm in Honduras. Camacho Coyolar is a Honduran pure available in 5 sizes including Perfecto (4-1/4 x 50), Rothschild (4-1/2 x 50), Super Toro (6 x 52), Titan (6 x 60), and Figurado (6-1/8 x 54).

“Coyolar by Camacho, is a medium-to-full bodied cigar with tasting notes of oak, white pepper, leather, and earth. The Coyolar pairs well with coffee, whiskey, and bourbon and best smoked later in the day or after dinner. If you enjoy this cigar you might also try the Sobremesa from Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust and the Le Bijou from My Father.

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